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Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile-Friendly For Social Media Efforts

Social Media is a mobile-first channel.
Is your website converting mobile lookers into bookers?

Many potential guests are coming from mobile-first channels, so the first time they view your website may be on mobile. 95% of active Facebook users worldwide access the platform via smartphone. Also, Instagram is a mobile-first platform and only allows full functionality with a mobile device.

Creating valuable social media content isn’t as effective if your guests are not able to have a good user experience when using those social media posts to click over to your website on mobile.

According to recent studies, 40-50% of bookings on a desktop worldwide are preceded by a click on a mobile device. This means that travelers may be doing their research on mobile and then ultimately booking on desktop once they’ve decided where to book.

With that in mind, giving potential guests a great first experience on mobile is critical if you want them to come back to that same site once they switch to a desktop computer.

Some Guests Prefer to Book On Mobile

In fact, 20-30% of hotel bookings are actually made on mobile devices. How are your guests going to book with your hotel through their phone if your mobile website is difficult to navigate or not responsive to the varying screen sizes?

Your hotel’s website needs to be mobile-friendly now more than ever.

Top Suite can help ensure your hotel’s website is always offering a great experience.

All Top Suite websites are mobile-friendly and we don’t use separate mobile and desktop sites. We use one website that works great across all devices. Top Suite also tests and tweaks our mobile sites regularly to make sure they are continuing to provide a great experience. Plus, we even track all mobile users and their engagement with the site for hotels to gain a better understanding of how their website is actually doing.

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