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Targeting Past Guests on Facebook

Did you know that you can target past guests on Facebook? 

Facebook allows hotels to serve ads that only show to users that match emails of past guests.

This highly targeted marketing tactic allows hotels to promote specials, hotel updates, upcoming events and more.

Each campaign can have different or multiple goals:

  • Increase Facebook Likes
  • Drive Website Visits
  • Increase Direct Bookings
  • Promote Special Campaigns


One of the best parts of this approach is that you can set it up as a pay-per-click campaign where you only are charged by Facebook when a potential guest actually takes action – a click, like, etc. This allows your message to be displayed to thousands of Facebook users at not cost – unless they click.

Make Sure To Create Multiple Ad Variations

Your targeted users will see your ads regularly. If they see the same ad over and over, they will get ad fatigue and the effectiveness of the campaign will slow down quickly. We recommend that you create 3-4 ads to start a campaign. These ads can have the same goal, but with different photos and messaging. This keeps your campaign fresh and also allows you to test different ads and see which is the most effective. It is best to review the results each month and make changes to improve the campaigns.

How Top Suite Can Help

Past Guest Targeting: Top Suite will work with your hotel to export emails from your property management system, organize the list based on certain criteria and create a strategy that targets specific segments of that list.

Campaign Setup: Top Suite will create a strategy and plan based on feedback from a kickoff meeting. The Facebook advertising campaign will be setup and connected with your hotel’s Facebook account.

Ad Creation: Top Suite will create multiple ad variations that include different images and ad copy. These variations will keep the ads fresh and also allow us to test which creative options work best.

Reporting: Top Suite will setup reporting that goes beyond the Facebook ad report. This includes how many visitors reach your hotel website, the number of bookings and amount of revenue generated from the campaign.

Enhancements and Management: Top Suite will continuously monitor the campaign and make monthly adjustments to optimize the results. The ad plan will be adjusted seasonally and any special promotions will be incorporated into the advertising campaign.

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Posted by: Adam Kline
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